Teresa is a holistic health and natural beauty care enthusiast. Her own profound personal healing journey is what has brought her to where she is today. Her greatest passion - and what brings her the most joy - is helping others overcome their own struggles through pain and injury.  


Teresa's experience spans back to 2001 when she began her course in esthetics and relaxational massage. Even when she was a young girl she knew that massage and beauty care would be her gifts to the world! Making others feel amazing is what Teresa was born to do!

Adding to her in-home organic spa and massage services, Teresa also offers two additional therapies to assist her clients to speed recovery from injury, increase flexibility, and minimize or even eliminate pain altogether. In addition to SCENAR (PhysioKey) therapy, which helped heal her own chronic tendonitis pain, and hundreds of others over a 5-year span, Teresa added the Straighten Up C1/atlas correction technique to her menu of healing options almost two years ago.


Straighten Up is a unique massage technique that allows the C1, also known as the atlas vertebra, to naturally and effectively release into its proper and straight alignment by releasing muscle and fascia through trigger points using a specially designed vibrational massage tool. These combined techniques have helped her clients with a number of painful issues such as migraines, chronic and acute pain as well as muscle tension, frozen shoulder, spinal issues and misalignment, knee problems and so much more. 

Deep Flow Wellness was founded in 2011 and our clientele has been growing and expanding rapidly, solely through referrals. We are located in Eldorado Springs, Colorado and we can come to you! In-home appointments and sessions in downtown Boulder locations available upon request. Choose from an array of services to whisk you into a blissful state.