"I have been using Teresa's services for years. Her work is exceptional! She is professional and well priced. I have sent many friends to her and they all have had similar experiences. She has a great location too. I highly recommend her...You wont be disappointed!"

Andrea Ross

"When I was first treated by Teresa I was having major troubles in my right forearm. I was dealing with significant loss of mobility due to carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain was affecting many aspects of my life. I was shocked and amazed when I was fully mobile in my wrist and pain free in my forearm after one session when Teresa applied the electromagnetic therapy. The tingling sensation gave way to a comfort level I had thought was impossible to achieve as the chronic pain subsided and has not returned in eight months.

I am still amazed at the power of the tools Teresa has at her disposal at Organic Bliss. The SCENAR (Physiokey) complimented her Straighten Up massage device - a powerful but mini jack-hammer-like muscle tenderizer which, combined with the SCENAR (Physiokey) loosens the grip old habits and postures have on your body. This, combined with Teresa's skillful manipulation of muscles and vertebra can reshape your body in the form it was built to hold. 
I highly recommend Deep Flow Wellness and Teresa McVety. She clearly operates her business from a sincere place of love and service. If you are in pain or just want to enjoy a massage, Teresa balances strong and skillful bodywork with an deep and pleasant heart-centered vibration. Truly a transformative experience."

Andy McEwen,
Eldorado Springs, CO


"Wow! I can say without a doubt that my experience at Deep Flow Wellness! After years of chiropractic care, I decided to try a more holistic approach with Teresa’s “Straighten Up” Atlas adjustment. This treatment completely healed my spine and kept me out of the chiropractor’s office through many wild days of shredding powder on the mountains!


Another unbeatable spa experience (in both price and service) is Teresa’s two-hour massage. My skin looked five years younger! With glowing skin and melted tension, I floated out of her studio into a blissful sleep. I would recommend Deep Flow Wellness to anyone with serious back pain, or who wants to melt into a delicious world of five-sense relaxation.


Dena Jackson,

Vancouver, B.C.


"I am an active professional and it is my practice to work with the best. I've been a client of Teresa McVety's at Deep Flow Wellness since 2009. Whether it's the organic skin care or a skillful massage, I am always amazed by the results. Teresa's genuine interest in health and wellness, supported with her passion for learning, has contributed to her personal and professional growth. She is a source of inspiration and knowledge as I commonly refer to her as my wellness guru. Teresa's nurturing gifts have consistently transformed my mental and physical well-being. I am grateful for the dedication she exudes.


Andrea Currie,

Tobermory Ont./Whistler B.C


"I cannot help but praise the name and work of Teresa McVety at Deep Flow Wellness! Her therapeutic techniques and healing hands have changed my life. For the past 18 yrs I've lived with chronic neck, shoulder and back pain from an accident. The past 2 years I've also dealt with pinched nerve pain, migraines and vertigo. I started to see Teresa last year as a massage client and it was evident to her that I would need ongoing treatment, as my muscles were rock solid.


Teresa started to incorporate a therapy called SCENAR (Physiokey) along with the massage treatment to aid in the release of my muscles. To say the least, three of these sessions were equal to a year of deep tissue massage (which I received every 2-3 weeks for the past 18 yrs). I would recommend SCENAR (Physiokey) to all her clients with any sort of muscle stiffness or fatigue as there are settings for acute and chronic suffers. I pay the same price for my 90 minute massage and come out feeling twice as relaxed and knowing that I am actually healing my body with this combined therapy.

I have moved three times in the past 18 years, In my search for a suitable massage therapist I do seek out individuals who are progressing in their practices, and I am very grateful to Teresa who is one of those rare finds.  And her "Straighten Up" therapy - THIS IS the one that has really changed my life! Because of the state of my body Teresa offered me an introductory rate to Straighten Up, her knowing and my hoping that it would help me in my situation of daily agony. I asked her not to tell me what to expect, as far as an outcome from the therapy, because I didn't want anything implanted in my mind. I wanted to know that what I would be feeling would be true to myself and my body.


UNBELIEVABLE! Within hours of Straighten Up I could feel my spine start to align, (remember 18 yrs of daily pain), 18-24 hrs later my muscles where starting to spasm in my trouble areas down my back giving way to this new alignment. Seven months later I have no chronic pain, no migraines, no vertigo and no monthly visits to the Chiropractor!!

I am so grateful to Teresa and her Straighten Up therapy. I continue to receive SCENAR (Physiokey) and Massage therapy to aid my muscles towards full repair. Her healing hands and fluid motion are bliss and really the icing on the cake to all therapies she has performed on me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Melanie E,

Whistler B.C


"I've had back injuries since I was a teenager. I also have disc slippage down in L5-S1 area (spondylolisthesis) which makes my hamstrings really tight. In 2009, I had a compression fracture of L1 and the pain became so debilitating in 2010 that I always feared twisting the wrong way. I was struggling to partake in any outdoor activities and was worried about not being able to work without being in serious pain.

Having tried physio, chiro and acupuncture (which hadn't really helped) I had nothing to lose, so I had 10 SCENAR (PhysioKey) sessions with Teresa. The pain relief was instant and I was able to sleep pain free for the first time in months. I was feeling so much better that I was able to put over 100 days of snowboarding in the following season. I instruct snowboarding so having a functioning back is vital for me!


If you don't like having your back manipulated, I would highly recommend trying SCENAR (PhysioKey) therapy. It certainly changed my life. Although I am not currently pain free, I am able to manage the pain level with SCENAR (PhysioKey) therapy.


Kosuke H.,

Whistler B.C.