Deep Flow Wellness is committed to offering the utmost quality and attention to detail, with your uniquely tailored experience. 


​60/90 min - $80/$120
Mobile En-Suite 
60/90 min - $120/$160
Bliss out to our signature style -                       deep relaxation flow full body massage.  
Live Blood Cell Analysis
3 hour initial session - $300

Using a powerful microscope, a trained analyst examines a single drop of your blood on a monitor.
This process allows you to measure your health in real time and identify areas for improvement.

Health Coaching
60 minutes - $100 
Deep, transformative work including a personalized plan that leaves a lasting impact for life. Extra support for those who have done a Live Blood Cell Analysis, and for those who are remote and need support in reaching specific results in their health.
* recommended to pair with Live Blood Cell Analysis
Straighten Up
​2 hour initial session + 90 minute follow up - $350
Gently and easily align the body without skeletal manipulation, through the relase of trigger poitns within the upper back, neck and shoulder region. 
Vibrational massage is used with a specially engineered massage device which is both relaxing and relieving of pain and tension among many other irritating ailments. Each Straighten Up session includes Physiokey and massage.
Total Health Makeover
Deep, comprehensive healing for a pain-free life. This is a transformative package program that addresses multiple levels of wellness, creating an ideal environment for you to thrive in your body, without pain.
* Includes initial consultations, Straighten Up (plus 2 follow ups), Live Blood Cell Analysis, and follow up / Lifestyle Coaching.
​60 min - $100
Physiokey 100% drug-free pain relief technology. Designed specifically the area of pain relief and rehabilitation. Unique interactive stimulation provides highly effective, non-invasive, non-drug pain relief with simple treatment protocols.
6-session package for $500 [1 free treatment!]
* recommended to pair with massage.